Darren Farrington is a theater producer, director, educator, advocate, and consultant. Currently, he is Executive Director of No Boundaries Youth Theater, which he co-founded in March 2010. He is also Administrator for the Connecticut Arts Alliance, and in that position also serves as State Arts Advocacy Captain, working with Americans for the Arts. Darren also contracts for additional projects and consultations.

Darren’s success as a theater manager, producer, and director comes largely from his ability to see both the business and creative sides of each project.

Theater relies on the collaboration and talents of directors, designers, technicians, managers, and performers. Theater also relies on administrators skilled in financing and fundraising, marketing and publicity, audience services, and building operations. The challenge of a successful producer or manager is to merge all of these elements—both artistic and administrative—into a live experience that makes the collaborators shine, the supporters proud, and the audience returning. Whether you’re creating a new company, beginning your search for a performance space, planning a season, heading into opening night, developing a board, searching for funding, or creating a promotional blog, there’s no substitute for a manager or producer specifically trained and skilled in theater.

A sharp manager might create financially sound budgets and search out low-cost sources of materials, costumes, or props. An experienced writer might assemble attractive proposals or promotional materials. But it takes a producer or manager skilled in the unique business of theater to also understand the creative skills and personalities involved in the artistic process, and to successfully interact with the talent, board and administrators, funders, press, and audience. This producer or manager will promote both the art and business of theater so performances can be what they truly should—both entertaining and provocative—for everybody involved.

On the artistic side, a competent and considerate director will work within budgetary constraints while still providing the highest quality and visually stunning work possible. A considerate director will also respect the time, talents, and effort of the other members of the artistic team and staff, the production crew, and the producers and managers of the theater. A savvy and creative theatrical artist will provide focus and organization, and will support understanding and good communication among all members of the theater staff and board.

Whether as producer, director, or consultant, Darren Farrington offers these skills and direction to all theaters, producers, and performing arts centers from community start-ups and school clubs to professional companies, as well as to other arts organizations.