Like the header says, I am a theater producer, director, designer, teaching artist, and consultant. Currently, I am Executive and Artistic Director New Britain Youth Theater which began in March 2010, and I contract for additional projects.

At home, I am a husband and dad. My blogging career began as a dad blogger in August 2005, but I voluntarily retired from that gig five years later to give my ‘tween daughter a little privacy. This website began in July 2007 to promote consulting work, but my professional career in theater actually began long before that—at Columbia University School of the Arts in 1990. Rumor is that somewhere along the way I was also a lawyer.

Personal and professional lives merge now that we’re all public figures in this world wide web of social media. The best we can try to do is control that publicity and promote ourselves, our businesses and careers. This website is my attempt at that.

For theater production and management consulting services, please browse the Management and Production  page of this website. School administrators and youth program directors should visit School Programs. For assistance with specific writing projects, please visit the Writing page. Please also comment on the Blog. And, if you happen to know me in the real world, send an email or pick up the phone!