This Time It’s Personal

Once again it’s been over a year since I posted to the blog on this website. What can I say? I’ve been very busy growing New Britain Youth Theater into an organization that now serves nearly one thousand children and teens each year. Much of my consulting work has been through the Peer Advisor Network program of the Connecticut Office of the Arts. And I’ve been directing more. In addition to scenes for share day performances, I co-directed Secret Santa at NBYT in December 2012. This month I directed Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr. at my own daughter’s school. It was a special experience for me not only to direct, but also to work with her, and to direct at my own elementary school alma mater (kind of, it’s a long story).

To keep this blog updated more frequently than once a year, I’ll begin adding posts about personal projects of my own—like directing Schoolhouse Rock Live. Who knows? With a few family and personal posts, I might even qualify as a “dad blogger” again. Until then, I’m happy to be known as “Producer and Director, Teaching Artist, Consultant, Husband & Dad.”

Here are some photos from Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr.